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Lockout - Tagout in the Construction Industry Presentation from People First that covers Lockout - Tagout for the construction industry. 16 slides: Napoleon Dynamite Tackles LOTO Humorous, yet effective presentation created by a 14-year old after the proper lockout-tagout procedure was explained to him. Lockout-Tagout PDF Files. 1. LOTO Procedure. LOCKOUT TAGOUT PROCEDURE. Equipment stIdentification. Equipment Name/Description: Resistance Spot Welder. Equipment Location: 1 Year Sculpture & Installation Studio. Totalof Energy Isolation Devices/locks: NOTICE BEFORE SERVICING THIS MACHINE, NOTIFY AFFECTED PERSONNEL. ONLY PROPERLY TRAINED AND AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL SHALL. PERFORM LOCKOUT TAGOUT PROCEDURE. Lock Out Tag Out LOTO Safety Procedure HSE Department Document ID. PR‐82‐POGC‐002 Revision 00 Pages 18 Lock Out Tag Out LOTO Safety Procedure Document Authorization Document Custodian Document Authority/Owner Document Type Security Classification Safety Procedure Unrestricted P.O.G.C HSE Document Author Approved By.

2 Lockout/Tagout/Verify Procedures The purpose of lockout/tagout/verify is to prevent energy from accidentally being released while a machine or equipment is. during LOTO. Quiz –Lock Out Tag Out What is the purpose of a group lockout? A. To lockout multiple energy isolating devices B. To ensure that each employee performing the servicing or maintenance is provided the same level of protection C. To identify energy isolating devices D. To communicate the lockout/tagout/tryout procedure. Quiz –Lock Out Tag Out Which of the following is important. Topic Title Organization/Grantee Year Grant Number Language; Beryllium: Preventing Chronic Beryllium Disease through Exposure Recognition and Control: National Jewish Health.

Lockout Tagout Safety Training Powerpoint Presentation Download ppt Created by: The Safety Firm Topics Covered: What is the Scope, Application and Purpose of the Lockout/Tagout Program? Definition of Terms; What is the Energy Control Program? What is the Energy Control Procedure? What Materials and Hardware are involved? The OSHA LOTO Standard The Control of Hazardous Energy CFR 29, Part 1910.147 Lockout / tag out – Intends to prevent the unexpected energization or start-up of machinery and equipment, or the unintentional release of stored energy From Master Lock’s field experience with US facilities, we estimate: Approx. 20% have a functioning LOTO program that meets all or most compliance requirements. LOTO procedures can be written by anyone familiar with the equipment. However, they must be reviewed and approved by a LOTO Approver with suitable competency in the equipment or systems for which the LOTO procedure is written. All Berkeley Lab LOTO procedures must follow the standard format included in the Lockout/Tagout LOTO Procedure Template. A SAMPLE LOCKOUT/TAGOUT PROCEDURE A good Lockout/Tagout Procedure, at a minimum, should contain the following elements: 1. All maintenance personnel shall be provided with a good lock. The lock shall have the individual workers' name and other identification on it. Each worker shall have the only key to the lock. 2. The worker shall check to be.

The LOTO procedure also requires that each worker fills out a tag that is hung from their lock, including their name and a description of the work they are doing. When multiple areas are being worked on simultaneously, the worker must use as many locks as necessary to secure power from the system. SSAMPLE 1 - GENERAL LOCKOUT/TAGOUT PROCEDUREAMPLE 1 - GENERAL LOCKOUT/TAGOUT PROCEDURE TTOOL BOOL B. Lockout Procedure: Notify Production Supervisor and ALL affected personnel. After completing Step 1, Shut down equipment, if running, as trained. If you are not sure how, contact your supervisor for instructions. Lockout the equipment following the lockout procedure. A collection of Lockout Tagout PowerPoints that you can use for LOTO compliance and hazard awareness training. Come visit us at XO Safety!

This presentation provides general safety and health information on the control of hazardous energy lockout/tagout and should be modified to address site-specific conditions and hazards. LOTO PERSONNEL An Authorized Employee Or Both ! Your Role You are either an Affected Employee Pertains to any employee whose job require them to work in an area where maintenance is performed Affected Employee An individual that operates the machinery but does not perform the lockout procedures Stay clear of the area as much as possible. Watch out for others in the area. Never. Times New Roman Monotype Sorts Arial bludiags.ppt CONTROL OF HAZARDOUS ENERGY LOCKOUT/TAGOUT FOR GENERAL INDUSTRY No Slide Title No Slide Title No Slide Title No Slide Title No Slide Title No Slide Title No Slide Title Are Written Procedures Required? No Slide Title No Slide Title No Slide Title LOCKOUT/ TAGOUT PROCEDURE No Slide Title No. Lockout - Tagout Control of Hazardous Energy CFR 29 1910.147 You will learn Purpose of Lockout-Tagout Requirements for LOTO Types of Hazardous Energy Procedures. – PowerPoint PPT presentation – PowerPoint PPT presentation. Conclusion: LOTO Safety in 6 Easy Steps. We hope you enjoyed and perhaps learned a bit from our LOTO safety blog post, and its listing of the six basic steps of every lockout/tagout procedure.

Lock Out Tag Out LOTO Safety Procedure.

Lock Out, Tag Out LOTO, Lock Out, Tag Out, Try Out LOTOTO or lock and tag is a safety procedure used in industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or repair work. PPT-SM-LOTO 2015 2 Lockout and tagout procedures should be used to safeguard workers from the unexpected startup or release of stored energy during service or maintenance activities like Lubricating Cleaning Unjamming machines and equipment. PPT-SM-LOTO 2015 3 Lockout is when a lockout device is applied to equipment and machinery. PPT-SM-LOTO 2015 4 Lockout devices hold energy isolating. Lock Out Tag Out LOTO Outline Importance of Lock Out/Tag Out LOTO OSHAs Control of Hazardous Energy standard Why is LOTO important? The Lock Out/Tag Out procedure prevents the unexpected start up or release of stored energy that could cause injury to employees by placing a lock and/or warning tag on an energy isolation device.

Grantee Materials - By Topic Occupational.

Hot tap: A procedure used in the repair, maintenance and services activities that involves welding on a piece of equipment pipelines, vessels, or tanks under pressure, in order to install connections or appurtenances. It is commonly used to replace or add sections of pipeline without the interruption of service for air, gas, water, steam, and petrochemical distribution systems. Lockout: The. General Procedure for Lockout. Purpose and Scope. The purpose of this general procedure is to establish minimum requirements for lockout to control potentially hazardous energy associated with machines or equipment in order to prevent injuries during maintenance or repair operations. LOTO Procedures. The specific actions for applying LOTO will differ from equipment to equipment, and from facility to facility. The general LOTO procedure should follow a basic 6 step process. Prepare for Shutdown Notify affected employees that maintenance will be performed under LOTO. The authorized employee should review the hazards and LOTO. Due to OSHA and as a best practice, facilities should have a LOTO program in place where appropriate. Employees should receive LOTO training as appropriate, and training should be documented. Employees need to understand that when LOTO is in use, they should not attempt to remove or otherwise re-energize the machine. PPT-026-01. Safe Operating Procedure Revised 6/18 LOCKOUT/TAGOUT FOR MACHINES & EQUIPMENT: WRITTEN PROCEDURES _____ Introduction. During normal operation, guards must be in place to protect employees from contacting moving or dangerous parts of machines or equipment that could lead.

Personal Experience: Life is more complicated than you can imagine. Specify Lockout Removal Procedures Post-work Ensure removal of all tools and items. – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation displayed as a Flash slide show on- id: 1541a3-MjYyY.

  1. Review LOTO cont. New equipment is installed and a new procedure has been written. Document training of the LOTO procedure on the new equipment. There is a process change in how LOTO is being used in your shop or different LOTO procedure. If employees are observed not following LOTO: must review/reinforce and document that it has been discussed.
  2. Employee Training Items needed for LOTO What’s a Lock? What’s a Tag? Slide 16 Use of Locks & Tags 6 Step LOTO Procedure Release from LOTO Who can remove Locks & Tags? A piece of equipment already has a lock and tag. Do I have to place my own locks & tags? Lockout-Tagout Protects YOU!
  3. Items needed for LOTO Use of Locks & Tags 6 Step LOTO Procedure 1. Prepare for Shutdown 2. Shutdown Equipment 3. Isolate All Energy Sources 4. Place Locks &.

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