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node.js - Serverless not including my.

I have a node_modules folder from there i want to exclude only few modules but other modules should be added while packaging. How can i do that.Also how to exclude some modules using regex. like in. Node modules / externals. By default, the plugin will try to bundle all dependencies. However, you don't want to include all modules in some cases such as selectively import, excluding builtin package ie: aws-sdk and handling webpack-incompatible modules. In this case you might add external modules in Webpack's externals configuration. I have a nodejs serverless project that has this structure: -node_modules -package.json -serverless.yml -funcitons -medium -mediumHandler.js my serverless.yml: service: googleAnalytic.

serverless-plugin-include-dependencies. This is a Serverless plugin that should make your deployed functions smaller. It does this by enabling you to add your node_modules folder to the exclude list, then it individually adds each module that your handler depends on. Installation. First install the plugin via NPM. I have the same problem, and building manually before invoking SLS is not really working for me. Sure I can wrap the SLS deploy in a script that runs build and then proceeds, but. The popular Serverless Framework is built to deploy only files inside the directory in which the serverless.yml file is contained. This limitation is probably by design — all the external code your Lambda needs can be usually included with a package manager. In Node.js, you run npm install and upload the node_modules directory. Also consider using serverless-plugin-common-excludes for even greater package size reduction, and serverless-plugin-package-size to add guards against your deployed functions so that they do not exceed a size limit that you set. Installation. First install the plugin via NPM. npm install serverless-plugin-include-dependencies --save-dev. This means that when Serverless creates your deployment package you often end up shipping a large number of packages that are only required for development. Obviously this is less than ideal for a number of reasons. While you could try to using the package include/exclude directives in your serverless.yml it quickly gets out of control.

15.04.2019 · First you tell serverless you want to exlude everything and you say that each function will include their own files. Inside each function I include everything inside a specific folder as dist and then to exclude specific files as files ending or, for. My situation is that I am having a bit of trouble in adding external NPM packages to my Serverless Framework project specific package is geopoint. I went to the root folder of the Serverless project and ran npm install geopoint --save. package.json got updated with dependencies":"geopoint": "^1.0.1"and node_modules folder was created. npm init npm i serverless-offline serverless-plugin-typescript --save-dev We'll run our local environment with severless offline start but first we we need to edit serverless.yml to include the plugins we just installed. Anywhere at the lowest indendation level in serverless.yml include these lines. We’re almost ready to deploy this test function, but first let’s exclude node_modules from our serverless.yml so we don't deploy aws-lambda and all of its dependencies.

Package - serverless-plugin-include.

Serverless Plugin Include Dependencies

Opa! Você que já é do mundo do Javascript deve em algum momento ter usado webpack pra empacotar as coisas e reduzir tamanho, separar em chunks e por ai vai. A ideia neste post é exatamente essa: otimizar as nossas lambdas para terem um menor tamanho que vai impactar em um menor cold start falamos disso mais pra frente. Quer saber como. serverless-plugin-include-dependencies. Note: This plugin no longer excludes the aws-sdk to stay in line with AWS best practices bring your own SDK This is a Serverless plugin that should make your deployed functions smaller. Adding ES6 support to Serverless Framework One of the benefits of using Serverless Frameworks is the ability to use third party plugins. We will be using the serverless-webpack plugin to add ES6 support to our application. Here we are installing serverless-webpack and its.

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