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Toggle navigation Raynald's SPSS Tools. Syntax. SPSS Syntax Home; Sample Syntax Library; Learning Syntax; Debugging SPSS Syntax; Standard Data Files; Macros. SPSS Macros — Home; Sample Macro Library; Learning Macros; Debugging Macros; Kirill's SPSS Macros Page; Scripts. SPSS Scripts — Home; Sample Scripts Library; Learning Scripts; The Asynchronous Problem; Python.. They may be replaced by for example the position of the last space in a string, which is returned by RINDEX. The CHAR prefix may often be omitted. Exactly when is explained in Unicode mode. Just SUBSTRING can be used for modifying the original string in many cases. This will always work on strings consisting of single byte characters. Again. Re: Syntax for converting numeric to string At 08:11 PM 2/11/2007, Jody weru wrote: >I need help with changing a variable from numeric to string. Well smile there's a function for this, named: STRING. 20.10.2010 · Automatic recode from string to numeric in IBM SPSS Statistics - Duration: 3:53. Gunilla Rudander 1,557 views. 3:53. Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks - Duration: 22:07. Saving numeric data with value labels as strings. Hi all I have numeric data with value labels [e.g. 1=Male 2=Female] It's possible to save this to Excel and request that the value label is saved.

STRING declares the variable STATE1 so that it can be used as a target variable on RECODE. RECODE specifies STATE as the source variable and STATE1 as the. Solved: I've been trying to figure out how to convert a string variable to numeric in my dataset. The dataset was originally in SPSS, where I changed. 28.11.2017 · Java Project Tutorial - Make Login and Register Form Step by Step Using NetBeans And MySQL Database - Duration: 3:43:32. 1BestCsharp blog Recommended for you. 28.12.2015 · Recoding variables in SPSS is demonstrated in this SPSS Tutorial. See our full video series on Descriptive Statistics in SPSS here:. Learn how to recode string variables to numeric. The numeric variables between and including V1 and V3 are recoded: original values 0 and 1 are switched respectively to 1 and 0; 2 and 3 are changed to −1; 9 remains 9; and any other value is changed to the system-missing value.

How to convert string to numeric in SPSS Deepanshu Bhalla Add Comment SPSS. Suppose you have a string variable type data and you wish to convert it to numeric. Example. Go to File > New > Syntax. In SPSS Syntax Editor, paste the following syntax: Result code numcode. destring— Convert string variables to numeric variables and vice versa 5 Example 2 Our dataset contains the variable date, which was accidentally recorded as a string because of spaces after the year and month. We want to remove the spaces. destring will convert it to numeric and remove the spaces. I want to convert the data from excel to SPSS 20.so far I convert it but now facing problem in Data Type.I want to convert from string to numeric for analysis and while doing so all of the data. After importing some data into SPSS, some answers ended up in a single string variable. The data are in splitstrings.sav, part of which is shown below. Excel has a nice “text to columns” function to split it but SPSS hasn’tSo you think you can syntax?Then let’s go and split this string.

The following SPSS command syntax examples show you how to convert several types of non-date formatted variables into date formatted variables. You may also use the Date and Time Wizard, available since SPSS 14 from the menu Transform->Date and Time Wizard. 1 You imported a data file from Excel to SPSS. Your date value is read in as a string. Written and illustrated tutorials for the statistical software SPSS. A variable's type determines if a variable numeric or character, quantitative or qualitative. It also dictates what type of statistical analysis methods are appropriate for that data. This tutorial covers the variable types that SPSS recognizes.

  1. In this quick tutorial, we’re going to look at how to recode a string variable as a numeric variable in the SPSS statistics program. This is often done using the automatic recode functionality of SPSS, but in this case we’re going to do it manually because of the extra control we get.
  2. I'm using SPSS for Windows. In the past, I've been able to convert variables I have stored in a string format to numeric variables simply by opening a Define Variable menu and checking the appropriate option under the Type button. SPSS echoes in my Output Viewer or Navigator, or Window a FORMATS command specifying my string variable name and.
  3. If the string cannot be read using the format, this function returns system-missing. STRING. STRINGnumexpr,format. String. Returns the string that results when numexpr is converted to a string according to format. STRING-1.5,F5.2 returns the string value '-1.50'. The second argument format must be a format for writing a numeric value. Example.
  4. 18.09.2018 · I show you how to do an automatic recode to convert a string variable with text answers to a numeric variable with number codes and value labels. Version 25.

Explanation: The STRINGvar,format function transforms the numeric value of "var" into a string of the given format. In the code above the format is an 8 digit number without any decimals. The Output of this function is an 8 character long string with leading blanks. To delete the leading blanks, this function is wrapped in the LTRIMstring. I need to count the number of digits in an SPSS numeric variable, and assign it to a different variable. I tried converting it to a string and counting the length of the string with char.length, but this returns the defined length of the variable, rather than the length of the actual string in each line.

SPSS Syntax Home; Sample Syntax Library; Learning Syntax; Debugging SPSS Syntax; Standard Data Files; Macros. SPSS Macros — Home; Sample Macro Library; Learning Macros; Debugging Macros; Kirill's SPSS Macros Page; Scripts. SPSS Scripts — Home; Sample Scripts Library; Learning Scripts; The Asynchronous Problem; Python. Python Scripts. 12.11.2013 · If you read in the date value as a string, you can use Transform > Date and Time Wizard to convert it to an SPSS date variable. Although date variables look like dates in various formats, they are actually represented as the number of seconds since 1582 and can. It is important to specify which variables in your data are dates/ times so that SPSS can recognize and use these variables appropriately. However, the procedure for defining a variable as date/time depends on its currently defined type e.g., string, numeric, date/time. How can I change a date variable to string in SPSS?. How can I change date format to string in SPSS? Technote FAQ Question. How can I change a date variable to string in SPSS? Answer. You can recode your date variables to string with the following syntax: String strdate A10. compute strdate = Stringnumdate, Adate10. Exe. Related information. Need more help? Our Statistics forum is.

In IBM SPSS Modeler, I would like to convert String variables to Numeric in one node instead of using multiple Derive Nodes? Is this possible and if so, how can I accomplish it? Numeric variables cannot have leading zeros in the data cell in SPSS, therefore 00811 gets 811 as well when you convert the string variable to a numeric variable What you can try to do is AUTORECODE Transform - Automatic Recode dialog to convert into a categorical numeric variable. Re: How to convert multiple string varibles into numeric in SPSS? Hi Behkami, I am not sure if someone had answered you on converting a set of string variables into numeric question part.

If you take note of the print output generated from the code below, you'll notice that string variables are "exported" to strings not surprisingly and numeric variables are converted/exported to floats. There are no system missing values in string variables; however, you can use autorecode with numeric variables that do have system missing values. In SPSS version 13, the blank subcommand was added. This allows you to specify how you would like missing values in a string variable to b handled when autorecoded. Remember that in a string. You're right that all three are related to system missing values. Each of them should be used in specific context, and any confusion typically causes errors in the output.

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